The first thing I need to clarify right now is that I do not have Twitter or Facebook accounts, so if you do see or hear of a Chris Barrie on either of the two, it definitely isn’t me. As some of you know, I struggle to keep up with the webmail, without wanting to further disappoint anyone on social media.

2015 is very much another year of attending conventions up and down the country. However, the conventions listed below are the only ones I will be attending before we start making the new series of Red Dwarf (between November 2015 and March 2016). I will probably return to the convention circuit from May 2016- following a brief vacation after my exertions on the new series!

Earlier this year, I took up the role of Patron for the anti-bullying campaign I Cosplay. Being a regular convention guest, the Cosplay world is very familiar to me. Coupling this with 27 years of playing Arnold Rimmer, (who let’s face it has been on the receiving end of more than his fair share of bullying!), I am possibly an appropriate person to be involved with the charity.

Other confirmed dates of convention appearances generally are as follows:

July 4th – Wakefield Comic Con

July 5th – Nerdageddon Comic Con @ West Quay Southampton

August 1st and 2nd- South West Film and TV Convention- Torquay

August 29th- Bournemouth Film and Comic Con (showmaster)

September 26th – Northampton Comic Con

I still receive snippets of information suggesting that a new Brittas Empire script is inching its way forward. Who knows, 2015 just might be the year when the chainsaw voiced buffoon makes a comeback!

You will all probably know by now that Red Dwarf XI and XII are going into production later this year. I am not sure when tickets will be available but keep a regular check on the Red Dwarf site for details.

Best wishes,

Chris Barrie