June 2022

Hello Everyone…

It was great to see those who came to the recent event in Nottingham. It was a real pleasure to enjoy a decent dose of normality after two destructive years. (Although, of course, the destruction is still ongoing…)

Massive clerical error made by me when I last updated this page because my next outing on the events front will in fact be next Saturday 9th July when I shall be attending the Showmasters event at Olympia, London. Then it will be Southampton Comic Con on 16th July. This is being staged at Hampshire County Cricket Club’s ground on the outskirts of Southampton and mercifully not in the city centre. Judging by other city centres I have visited recently, they are now rather stress inducing places for visiting car drivers who may be unfamiliar with the endless infrastructural building work, confusing one way systems (for driver and sat nav), and an insane amount of even more confusing signage. Of course this is probably all intentional and merely another part of the anti motorist agenda. Then it will be MegaCon Live in Manchester on 30th/31st July – I know this is a city centre event but I shall almost certainly not be travelling by car!

Speaking of agendas we are now a few months into the ‘new’ agenda and Britain stumbles on with its incompetent (by design) leadership, carrying out the instructions laid down by the globalist psychopaths to continue the relentless downward spiral towards total technocratic tyranny and human enslavement… But that’s no reason to feel down!

We must hold our heads high, straighten our backs and gather our tools. We must climb up into the cab, fire up the slumbering beast and crack on. Come what may, we must keep our businesses afloat, stay as naturally healthy as possible and pursue enjoyable stress relieving pastimes. Above all, we must stay positive!

I am heartened to see that the event schedule has moved up a gear and I look forward to attending the following…

Showmasters Olympia 9th July
Southampton Comic Con 16th July
MegaCon Live Manchester 30/31st July
REME Museum SciFi Day 3rd September ( info at www.rememuseum.org.uk )
Collectormania Birmingham 4th September
NORCON Norfolk Showground Arena 24/25th September

Charity wise I am looking to support small local charities directly, still with an emphasis on veterans and ex-servicemen and women. I continue to believe that the treatment by the State of those who have been prepared to pay the ultimate price has been nothing short of shocking. I shall also be supporting other worthy local charities.

I look forward to seeing some of you at an event soon.

Best Wishes

Chris Barrie